SetAds: A Full-Service Advertising Platform

Built with Powerful Artificial Intelligence

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Targeting for
Maximum Impact

Targeted ads for every step of your buyer’s journey ensure your ads get delivered to the right person, at the right time and in the right context, for an impactful experience meant to convert.


Our rigorous product fit screening ensures we only deliver valuable products to our existing users, allowing you to take advantage of a trusting clientele ready to purchase.

Highest ROI,

Our tools use artificial intelligence and data algorithms to give you the absolute best performance for your advertising dollars. Machine learning ensures our strategy is continuously optimized.


Get past your competitors and put your brand in front of SetSchedule customers, using our unique marketing platform to generate sales and boost brand awareness.

Core Platform Features

Our smart ad technology and user-friendly features deliver a simple, intuitive, and profitable advertising experience.


Inspire customer loyalty with your own placement in the E-store Marketplace.

Sponsored Products

Improve visibility of individual products with ads that appear in our Ecosystem.

Sponsored Brands

Boost brand awareness with your logo and a customized headline in ads that appear in marketing placements.

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