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The Toned workout is designed to deliver a full body workout in just 25 minutes. We focus on intensity utilizing all of the major muscle groups in the body, keeping the heart-rate elevated for 25 minutes. Toned combines run and sprint intervals on the Woodway curve with short blocks of intense conditioning on the floor. The Woodway ensures a high calorie time efficient workout.

We Work Harder

The Toned workout is all about intensity and time efficiency. We want people to come in, work as hard as they possibly can for 25 minutes and leave feeling great. If the intensity is right we can burn up to 600 calories in 25 minutes. Toned is all about your own personal journey, it is a place you come to for encouragement, to build an amazing work ethic and to realize your own potential.

Train Like an Athlete

The Curve’s use in high intensity interval training is extensive and dominates international sporting teams, universities (colleges) and athletes performance centres. The Curve’s slat belt is almost frictionless, so athletes can hit top speed in a matter of seconds, accelerating and decelerating as they would running on the ground, but coaches can monitor and modify technique in real time. The Curve enables coaches to adjust and correct sprint position and put the athlete back on the ground with instant positive results.

Why 25 Minutes?

The number one excuse we hear these days is I don’t have time to workout. With the 25 minute workout this is no longer a valid excuse. The Toned workout is all about intensity. We work for less time at a higher intensity achieving the same if not better results. With 3 short but intense blocks of work we achieve amazing things.

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